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Neil Hadley Associates Ltd
Walls Court, High Street, Tewkesbury
Gloucestershire GL20 5JU
England, United Kingdom

Tel:         01684 299888
Mobile:    07799 418585
Fax:        08719 941681

Our offices are situated in the historic town of Tewkesbury, close to the M5/M50 motorways and other major transport links. This is strategically convenient for our main geographical area of work, which covers Birmingham, Bath, Bristol, Hereford, Swindon and Oxford. In addition work outside this region is often undertaken.

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Neil Hadley Associates Ltd
Walls Court, High Street, Tewkesbury,
Gloucestershire, GL20 5JU, UK

Tel:          01684 299888
Mob:        07799 418585
Fax:         08719 941681

Confidentiality Agreement with Neil Hadley Associates (NHA)

I agree that all the information supplied by Neil Hadley Associate (NHA) will be confidential to me and not passed on to others without the express approval of NHA.

All negotiations of land, property & businesses offered for sale by NHA will be conducted through them.

I will be liable for any commission due that precluded NHA from the negotiations of any property or business they are selling.

Any offer I choose to make will be conducted via NHA.

Only professional advisers such finance brokers may see literature regarding the sale of land, business or property, otherwise it must have the express permission of NHA.

No contact shall be made direct with the clients of NHA without a prior appointment or express agreement of NHA.


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